Things to see and do in and around our campground

Looking for a campsite in the Ardennes where you can do various activities on and around it? Then Camping Polleur is the right place for you. Various animation and recreation activities are organized at the campsite such as: crafts, table tennis tournament, live strategy and more. Enough animation activities to entertain young and old at the campsite. We also have various recreational activities in which adults can participate. Think of bingo, pub quiz and karaoke.

Are you looking for a more sporty activity? Spa Adventure organizes outdoor activities throughout the year. For example, you can participate in high ropes, mountain biking and kayaking. In the vicinity of our campsite, you will also find several sights and attractions to visit for a day.

Check out the categories of different activities in and around the campground below.

Activities at and near Camping Polleur

    Hiking in the Ardennes near camping Polleur


    Here is an overview of Polleur's immediate surroundings.

    Forestia is an animal park near camping Polleur


    On this page you will find a list of different attractions that you can find in our area.

    Crafts at the entertainment at the Polleur campsite


    Our animation team is ready to give you an unforgettable summer!

    Heated swimming pool with 30-meter slide in the Ardennes


    At Camping Polleur, we organize activities for young and old.

    Visit Reinhardstein castle in the Ardennes


    In the area around Polleur there are numerous attractions, we have made a small selection for you.

    Camping with outdoor activities such as zip-lining

    Survival | Outdoor

    In partnership with Spa Adventure, we offer a wide range of survival and outdoor activities, including climbing and abseiling, kayaking, GPS tours, mountain biking and much more.