There are two modern washrooms at the campground. Both are equipped with all conveniences such as showers, toilets with toilet paper, dishwashing facilities and dishwasher.

Modern and clean sanitary facilities

The showers are spacious with a bench seat, splash pad and clothes hooks. Hot water in the showers is free and available between 7:00-23:00. You do not need tokens to use the showers.

There are private washrooms with hot water and equipped with an electrical outlet (220v-6A). Toilet paper is provided in the toilets.

Free hot water is available in the dishwashing area. You will also find our dishwashing machines here.

Children's sanitary

In both sanitary buildings there is a special children's area. In the building opposite the swimming pool you will find a special area with a baby bathtub. In the rear sanitary building there is a children's toilet and lowered sink.

Sanitary facilities for the disabled

There is a toilet and shower facility for the disabled in one of the buildings. If you wish to use it, please ask for the key at the reception desk. We only make this facility available to disabled people.